Savvy Sums it Up: Maple & Motor

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The Cheeseburger at Maple and Motor (add grilled onions & jalapenos)

A small, shack-like joint off of Maple (and Motor... it's all making sense now) houses what D Magazine calls the "Best Cheeseburger in Dallas." So what better time to try out this greasy prize-winner than on a Sunday after a big birthday weekend? Si, por favor. The place was buzzing when we stepped inside and there were many signs advising our big (and lazy) group that you must order before you sit. I should have known it was that kinda place. You know, the fast-paced, grumpy establishment that charges your for each insult and attitude? As I scampered up to the counter unprepared to order, I had visions of eye-rolling hostesses yelling to the short-order cooks in the back. Not the case, to my pleasant (and slightly... okay very hungover) surprise.

The cashier was unexpectedly kind and efficient with her ordering as I removed & added extras to my burger- always the best test for grunts and scoffs. We didn't have to wait long before our fatty patties (yeah I just coined that, nbd) arrived. One bite of my cheeseburger-no pickles-grilled onions-jalapenos was all it took for my taste buds to start doing the conga line. WOW was that burger spicy! I mean, I love spicy (Sriracha shout out!!) but holy burger buns this was hot. They basically grill long slices of jalapenos and leave every seed in tact, then sprawl them across the burg. We were crying from how torturous yet tantalizing it was. 

All in all, Maple and Motor was quick, friendly, and freaking delicious. There are just no other words for the awesomeness that it was. If you are looking to satisfy a greasy craving, or are just the self-inflicting kind that likes a little SPICE in their lives... hit up Maple and Motor. Delish!

xoxo The Savvy Spoon  


  1. 'D' magazine said M&M had the best burger in Dallas, and they weren't kiddin'. And try the flatiron brisket sandwich sometime, too. I swear they must make sandwiches like that in Heaven...

    Jack runs a tight ship, and as a customer, I really appreciate his "be nice or leave" philosophy. Wish more restaurants would adopt that attitude.

  2. I need to go to this place. Glad you liked the hummus recipe. Thank you for the great restaurant recommend.


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