Savvy Awards: 5 best date-worthy restaurants in Dallas

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Some people spend their money on fine threads, some invest in the gadgets that make you go goo-goo, others like to splurge on traveling the globe. How do I spend my money?  According to Wells Fargo, I am a great patron of the dining arts. When choosing a restaurant- especially when attempting to woo a lady, let's say- there are some things you must consider. Ambiance is *key* here peeps. Lots of people ask my the bf and I about great places to take a date not only for the food, but for the atmosphere. A restaurant with 5 star food can get the boot for being too-loud or creepy-quiet. Here is a list of our fave first (or 50th) date spots in Dtown that always make the cut.

(in no particular order):

1. Bolsa. Oh my sweet ever-changing menu, this place is good. The cute gas-station-turned-restaurant in Bishop Arts pleases girls and guys alike with the fresh ingredients and the vibrant scene. Even when there is a crowd (please don't read this and rush over there at 8pm on a Friday night), when you're seated it feels like you have the place to yourselves. The service there is awesome and the food rocks- you can find something for everyone. PS- Tuesday is 1/2 priced wine night. Snaps!

2. La Duni. Their motto makes me smile every time: "Where there is cake, there is love." How could you argue that? Just don't even try. I love La Duni- particularly their Oak Lawn locale. What?? You're recommending a CHAIN?? Chill out honey badger. Trust me. Everything you order on La Duni's latin menu- I mean everything... I have fat kid tendencies- is amazing. The dimmed (but flashlight unnecessary) lighting makes it warm and turns everyone who walks in into a sexi latina mami. Try the Empanadas!

3. Sangria. On with the latina theme, Sangria is a fab place for a date because everything on the menu is meant for sharing. Tapas are bomb, yall! You get to try tons of different bites without every breaking the bank. Specials can be pricey so stick to the menu-ed goods. Savvy tip: Order a pitcher of the Sparkling Sangria for you and your date. It does not disappoint.

4. The Mint. Okay, before you knock The Mint for it's Americanized pseudo-Asian food (I'm looking at you, Colin & Andy), hear me out. The place is small but you never wait long for a table. The setting is bubbling but never too loud. Even their music is... well... music to my ears. I love The Mint, and I'll stand by their "unauthentic" food any day. I highly recommend the steamed potstickers to start, and splitting noodles or stir-fry. Oh, and if it's a Tuesday, you can find 1/2 priced wine here too!

5. Il Cane Rosso. Though an awesome spot for larger groups, Cane is great for a date because it is so lively and interactive. I've never tasted better pizza in my life, and the waitstaff is incredibly pleasant- even on a packed night. It is always a hot move to order the seasonal pie... Jay knows what's up down there in Deep Ellum. And last but not least... BYOB on Wednesday nights. Mm hmm.

xoxo The Savvy Spoon

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  1. Great list. Bolsa half price wine yyyya.

    Though it might not have the flash and sexiness of these spots, the dimly lit romance and classic feel of Campisi's on Greenville is pretty money. Hit your date with some historical knowledge and tell her that Jack Ruby ate there before he left to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. Drop a few coins in the jukebox at your booth and put on some Frank. Split a pizza and the eggplant every time.


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