Savvy Awards: Best Food Trucks in Dallas

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Food trucks were once reserved for the hipsta-instagrammers of the world.
Just being chill and chomping down in the cool-ass streets of LA and NYC, but these days Dallas (shout out) is the stomping ground for some of the best meals from four wheels. They're really a great concept: scaled-down menu full of fan faves, changing locations daily (and informing their fans via Twitter & FB), serving up good food-- FAST. Money concept. There a tons of new trucks rolling around big D every month, but if you're looking for some direction, these are simply da best:

1. Nammi Truck

Yall, it's pretttty clear that the folks behind Nammi named the food cruiser after -nom nom nom- their Banh Mis are literally amaze. They take a French baguette and add in flavorful, marinated meat-of-choice (I'm partial to the chicken, surprise!). Topped with crunchy, vinegary diakon and carrots, sliced cucumbers, HOT jalapeƱos, some cilantro sprinkles, and a creamy spread, these do not disappoint. It's like a sandwich on Asian crack. Good crack. I can't complain about their tacos either-- but I think the classic sammy is where it's at on this menu. Top it off with some Sriracha (duh) and send your taste buds to Vietnamese bliss.

2. Ssahm BBQ

Asian food trucks rule the rolling roost! Ssahm BBQ specializes in Korean tacos- think ginger, spicy, caramelized, crunchy tacos. I've actually never tried anything else on their menu. I haven't had to. I think my mouth would suffer from serious fomo (yes that's hyperlinked, please read the examples) if I didn't order them, and we don't leave anyone/thing out people. Anyways Ssahm's the bomb and I highly recommend the Kalbi (shortrib) or the Daeji (spicy marinated pork) and don't change a thing otherwise.

3. Ruthie's Rolling Cafe

Gourmet. Grilled. Cheeses. I could stop the post right there, but you and I both know I kinda like to write this stuff, so I'll go on. This truck cooks up artisan grilled cheeses starting with some fine lookin' ingredients like San Fran-style sourdough, spicy pepperjack, grilled turkey from the flat top, and caramelized onions. If I see those on a menu- I melt. Similar to what they do, in your mouth. Toss in some jalapeƱos (are you seeing a trend here?) and you have yourself a cheesy of epic proportions. They usually roll around Highland and University Park so you don't have to go searching high and low when you're experiencing a melt-attack (as per ush).

Honorable Mention: Cane Rosso's Mobile Pizza Oven

A truck it is not, but a trailer-toting-a-brick-pizza-oven-serving-up-authentic-Napoletana-'za is what we're talking 'bout here! Though Jay has his brick and mortar estab in Deep Ellum, he stays true to his traveling roots by offering up the Mobile Oven all over Dallas, 7 days a week. The pizzas are the same bomb dot com quality as the ones served up in house, and most of the time they're parked near a wine store/bar. So, there's that awesomeness too.

Are your favorite trucks samesies as my favorite trucks? Tell me in the comments!

xoxo The Savvy Spoon
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  1. The best burger from a food truck is Fred's Texas Cafe in Fort Worth.

    1. I'll have to try!! Thanks for the comment Kathy!

  2. Katie Latimer9/13/2012

    Agree! Love me some Nammi truck!

    1. Thanks girl, let's ummm get some soon? Kay thanks.


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