Valentine's Day Menus for "In a Relationship," "Single," and "It's Complicated"

The phrase Valentine's Day evokes some serious freaking reactions from people-- coupled up people, flying solo people, and uhh not so sure I think we're togeth but we haven't talked about it people. It can be awkward. It can be blah. It can... be awesome. Let your Valentine's Day be awesome- no matter who you're spending it with. Check out these menus for celebrating with your babe, your girls, your pooch, or your Apple TV:

Who are you spending VDay with?

I'm enjoying Valentine's Day with my favorite person, me:


I'm getting together with my besties for a singles-unite night:

Chicken, Mushroom and Leek Carbonara (with or without chicken)

Shaved Brussels Sprouts (without gorgonzola)

I'm trying to woo (or be wooed by) a new thang:

I'm celebrating with my love-you-long-time:

Gnocchi Bolognese (without meat)

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