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Fri-yays are for browsin' and with the rain coming down like SHEETS here in Dallas I'm dreaming of cozying up and wandering the world wide web. Here are some of my favorite things seen + heard around the net this week!

Call me white girl #basic but I'm dying to try these Pumpkin and Pork Cheesy Stuffed Shells over on i am a food blog.

If you're in the mood to host a Halloween party next week, I thought these 7 Inspiring Halloween Tablescapes To Get You in The Spirit did the trick.

I came across Amber Interiors' newest home design reveal and ermagahhhh I literally cannot. It is perfection.

My laughs could not be contained when I read about the internet's newest obsession: a meme of Demi Lovato named Poot on Buzzfeed. #freepoot

Finally Adele FREAKING FINALLY!!! After three years, Adele dropped her newest single "Hello" at midnight last night and ... its uhmazing. Be sure to look for her flip phone cameo in the vid lol.

One of my fave bloggers Peace Love Shea just launched a swimwear line and it is over-the-top!! These colors are making me desperate for surf sand and some serrrrrious sun.

Since we have some leftover pistachios from the Pistachio Spaghetti Squash we made earlier this week, I'm thinking of dabbling in these Olive Oil and Pistachio Brownies. go big or go home.

Hope yall have a fabulous weekend whether there's rain or shine! Check back next week for new music, a butternut squash recipe that I hope quickly becomes a fave and the quickest & most effective exercise you can do while you brush your teeth :)


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