Web Wandering: Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

I can barely believe my eyes as I type this but Happy Thanksgiving week! The time has come to veg out, stay in, bundle up and chow down... not much to dislike, is there?! If you are helping to prepare anything for your family (or framily) feast and still need help deciding which recipe to attempt, you've come to the right place! I've compiled a few Turkey Day-ready recipes that veer on the healthy side without scrimping on flavor. For a guilt-free but still stretchy-pant worthy holiday, check out the links below! One last thing... GO COWBOYS!

Thanksgiving Day Menu


Start your food-centric day with these lighter Maple Vanilla Oatmeal Bars that look have yum written all over. My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw them topped with PB&J. #haute

If you're more of a savory bfast kind of gal/guy, these Egg Nests are the perfect base to add any veggies and protein too - and they're quick to boot.

Equally tempting is this Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl... which is totally healthy bc quinoa. And dark chocolate. All the rage these days.


As soon as you're ready to start poppin' bottles try out these bubbly Apple Mimosas from Love and Lemons. No judgement on what time you pour... it's a holiday.

This might look more like a Christmas cocktail but a Pomegranate Margarita sounds super refreshing alongside a massive cheese board (or something of that nature).


I'm all about dat hummus and this Butternut Squash Hummus from Minimalist Baker looks nothing short of awesome.

At the risk of sounding toooo self-promoting, these Boursin Wantons with Berry Jam will make you and your fam say dayummm.

Soups & Salads

I think this might be one of the most gorg salads I've ever seen... if that sounds odd, take a look at this Fall Harvest Salad by What's Gaby Cooking and see for yourself.

If I read caramelized onion on just about anything I must order/make/eat it immediately. This Caramelized Onion Pumpkin Soup with Curry Yogurt Sauce looks like a hug in a bowl!

The combo of warm and cool in this Autumn Arugula Salad sounds so comforting and healthy but not reminiscent of bunny food.


This had me at "cauliflower" but add in "roasted garlic" and my knees go weak... Cauliflower, Parsnip and Roasted Garlic Mash makes for a fabulously creamy side.

And let's be honest... what good is mashed anything without gravy? I'm loving the sound of this Savory Mushroom and Herb Gravy over on Nutrition Stripped.

Switch up your taters with these Crispy Garlic Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes -- creamy and crispy are two of my fave words in the dictionary.

Sweet and spicy sounds real niceeeeey and these Cinnamon Chili Roasted Sweet Potatoes look drool worthy.

Rolls are - to some - the unsung heros of Thanksgiving as they can easily scoop up any remnants on Grandma's heirloom china. These Pumpkin Spiced Corn Muffins are vegan, GF and totally scrumptious. If you're into that.

I love the colors of these Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cinnamon Butternut Squash, Pecans and Cranberries - sweet, savory and beautiful. That's one dish that packs a lot of punch!

On that note, as a Brussels enthusiast I think this list deserves TWO sprout recipes... and I couldn't forget these Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Balsamic Syrup I made for Friendsgiving last weekend. To die, fo reals.

I was shocked at how quick these Easy Ranch Baby Carrots were when my friend Blynn made them for our Friendsgiving feast... they took hardly any time at all and were beyond delish.

It doesn't get easier than these Green Beans Gremolata from kitchen goddess Ina Garten... the zesty topping adds a ton of flavor and crunch to otherwise simple beans.


I kind of love anything individualized and these Pecan Pie Tarts are no exception. Baby minis! so cute.

Pumpkin pie pretty much equals eternal bliss for me so when I found this Skinny Pumpkin Pie that uses Almond Milk and egg whites I pretty much died and ascended to heaven. You can easily make the crust GF by switching up your flour to something like Cup 4 Cup.

Feel healthy AF while eating these Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey -- have two while you're at it!

This Pumpkin Spice Mousse with coconut milk is screaming my name... serve this extra cold for an ice-cream feel.

You won't miss a thing in these Grain-Free Jam Thumbprint Cookies that are simple and satisfying.

Let me know what you're making and/or eating for Thanksgiving! I want to see some yummy pics. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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