Music That Moves You! March Workout Playlist

thats on you kid ink album art

March is music to my ears.

MARCH. As in springing forward, basketball bracketing, birds and bees buzzing March. It's a lil mind jolting to be honest. But I dig it.

March also marks the month where the hubs and I move onward to our new home! Dare I jinx it but I think we're on track to be finished with our new casa's renovations by the end of the month. When we closed on the house back in December and started this project, "end of March" seemed like a fantasy in a land far, far away - but in reality we blinked and here we are. A cause for a celebration, doncha think?

With that in mind, I have a ton of fun new tunes for you that are perfect for enjoying a bit of sunshine as the month continues to warm the weather up! Whatever it is you have planned for the month, these jams will do justtt the trick!

Current Mood: That's On You - Kid Ink

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